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Our services

Custom software development

Custom software development

Tailored solutions (web apps, mobile apps) to meet your business needs, using secure, robust and scalable cloud architectures.

Cost-effective managed solutions for SMEs.


Mobile apps

Integration & APIs

Seamless integration of diverse systems.

API development and management.


AI & data analytics

AI & data analytics

Data visualisation and reporting.

Data warehousing and analytics pipelines.

Business intelligence solutions using Machine Learning.

Maintenance & support

Maintenance and support

Proactive monitoring and issue resolution.

Regular updates and patch management.

Sheida Mousavi, Thinkrement co-founder and CEO

Sheida Mousavi

Co-founder, CEO

As a co-founder of Thinkrement, my background is deeply rooted in compliance, risk, and assurance, with years dedicated to ensuring businesses adhere to the highest standards. Collaborating with my partner, a skilled software developer, we set out to bridge the gap between the compliance world and the dynamic landscape of software solutions.  

Thinkrement emerged from our shared vision: to empower businesses with innovative software solutions. Drawing from my experience of running several businesses in the past, my commitment is to provide solutions that go beyond meeting customers' needs.

Adrien Rousseau, Thinkrement co-founder and CTO

Adrien Rousseau

Co-founder, CTO
I have 10+ years of experience in the software industry, working for various companies, from small startups to big corporations.
I have a deep understanding of what can create challenges, delays, and unmet customer expectations when developing software, on both process and technical levels, and how to avoid them, which is what motivated me to co-found this company.

Our methodology

1. Discussing your needs

We meet you in person in Auckland or remotely, to discuss your software needs and the types of services you require, which allows us to create a tailored quote for you.

2. Iterative implementation

Following agile principles, we build your solution in small, quality-reviewed increments, and you get continuous access to a test environment to play around and make adjustments, so that the solution matches your expectations. Finalised features can be released to production straight away, on a daily basis.

3. Support and enhancements

We provide support during the lifetime of your product and can assist with writing manuals for your users.

When new features need to be added, we start the cycle again by discussing your needs.

Why choose us?

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, we are not selling you a product that will add contraints to your existing process, but instead we are working with you to build a solution that best fits your business.

We focus on releasing features often and quickly, and give you full access to a testing environment to follow the development progress and make adjustments early so that the final product matches your expectations.

Our stack relies on secure, robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, and we manage everything for you.

To get started, let's meet to discuss your business needs.